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BE Technologies is a custom manufacturer that provides the high quality production capabilities that you would expect from a larger company, while also offering the innovative solutions and customer service that can only be found at a small business.


The BE Technologies team is dedicated to providing first-class service and performance for every customer, which is why BET has become a trusted name for customers in the defense, aerospace, automotive, marine, and commercial sectors. Some of BET’s extensive capabilities include metal fabrication, composite repair and manufacture, high-end assembly, welding, and paint. BET operates out of a 35,000 square foot full-service facility, ensuring top quality production standards, while also being small enough to offer the personal attention to projects that large companies simply cannot.


BET is committed not only to ensuring the highest possible standards with each new project, but also to innovation in custom manufacturing. The team is constantly utilizing new technology and finding updated and improved methods of production. Times are ever-changing, and BET is excited to evolve and take on any new opportunities that arise.


Thank you for visiting our website, for more detailed information on our many services and capabilities, please visit the “services” tab on the site or contact us directly.

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