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FARO Platinum 10' Arm and LS Scanner.

Ability to scan in-house or on-wing/on-site at customer facility.

Major advantage in tool design and integration for larger, more complex projects.


BE Technologies is proud to be working in partnership with Lam Technologies on some of the most challenging components in the aerospace industry. Tommy Lam and his team provide scanning and CAD modeling capability, while the BE Technologies’ team handles CNC programming and fabrication. Together we are capable of taking a sample part or “as removed” component and developing the required CAD model needed to fabricate. BE and Lam have combined on several projects. If you know what you want to build, but don’t have the technical data to manufacture, let us review your requirements and provide reverse engineering options. We can provide turnkey solutions for almost any projects – let us know how we can help!

Reverse Engineering/Inspection: About Us
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